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July 14, 2010 @ 9:34 pm

vADz™ and the new art of selling

Internet advertising has not yet met its true potential. Passive text and display ads in use by SMB Merchants and individual advertisers in Classifieds, Coupons, YellowPages and Auctions are outmoded and often ineffective. Video increases interaction 2X to 3X.

Now come vADz — easy-to-create, easy-to-upload Transactional VideoAds that are economical and compelling. The leading companies in almost every web vertical are adopting vADz transactional, searchable, Mobile, portable and trackable ads so that their SMB customers can be far more effective.

More than passive descriptions of products and services with standard text or display ads, vADz actively demonstrates them, creates a “lean-forward” interaction and/or Coupon incentive with potential customers and can even “close the deal” with the customer using vADz fully integrated e-commerce capability, powered by PayPal.

Using vADz allows each advertiser to mix his or her own photos with vendor-provided stills, video, animation, logos….and then to add trackable Coupons, maps, music, menus, reservation links, disclosure statements, text, crawl messages and more.

vADz unique and patent pending tools enable small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), merchants, restaurateurs, Realtors, service providers, couponers and classified advertisers to create, edit, enhance, store, place and track their user-generated ads as they are displayed on customers’ Mobile and PC screens.

vADz are searchable; we also publish each VideoAd to the web with appropriate Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tags and generate a special vADzLink, a shortened URL connected to every VideoAd.

vADz are portable; every advertiser can also use vADz to market directly to customers by attaching his vADzLink to Craigslist and other Free Classified sites, and to all his or her texts, tweets, e-mails, Facebook page and to his own website, to magnify the Direct Marketing impact.

vADz are Transactional; or those sellers which want
e-commerce capability to close the sale, vADz offers a complete integrated, “buy-it-now” e-commerce capability powered by PayPal to facilitate the highly trusted, seamless execution of financial transactions among customers and advertisers, using all major credit and debit cards as well as via their PayPal accounts.

There are 3 Levels of vADz service, beginning at $10 for Basic vADz; the Gold Level with expanded features is $19.95 and the ad created for this low fee may be used multiple times – on such sites as CraigsList, eBay, traditional classified advertising, Yellow Pages, legacy print and broadcast media, Oodle, and many others.

For those who need additional help, we have formed University Design Associates (UDA) to provide personal assistance to vADz Advertisers for a small charge. The link is:

When vADz advertisers choose to also purchase targeted ad space on local sites and Facebook, vADz will execute those purchases at the best available commercial rates and place the video ad. vADz also monitors the time and place of each customer’s viewing of the video ad showing all coupons and other data downloads from the ad, providing the advertiser with a real-time dashboard to measure his results.

Please see our consumer site and our corporate site

A picture is worth 1000 words; vADz results are priceless !
Addenda/Proof of concept
–Forrester® reports that “Videos are 53 times more likely than text pages to appear on the first page of search results.”
–Ogilvy Consulting adds, “Video is a great way to increase interaction; adding video to e-mail marketing increases customers’ interaction by 200% to 300%.”
– “Transactional ads” will grow very rapidly. See

Roger Ach
Managing Member
Chicago West Pullman LLC
vADz Incorporated
OurTown Inc.

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July 14, 2010 @ 9:33 pm

New vADz Press Release

vADz Transactional Video Ads

July 13, 2010….vADz, Inc. announces the launch of its Transactional VideoAd platform., offering an end-to-end solution for 10 million Classified Advertisers, Couponers and 20 million small and medium sized businesses who want to economically enter the video ad market. “vADz are unique,” said Carol Meinhardt, vADz COO, “ because vADz are Transactional, Searchable, Mobile, Trackable and Portable for use in e-Mails, Text Messages, Tweets and on Free Classified sites and Facebook.” offers a variety of packages that beginning with vADz $10 Basic Package for Classified advertisers that will allow the advertiser to produce a quality video ad, include a coupon, a map or other add-ons and even a “click to purchase” option. vADz $19 Gold Package targeted at small and medium sized businesses offers these same options plus editablity features and the opportunity for the advertiser to add a product catalog instead of just one product for sale. With the $49 UDA Package, will even assemble your video for you and send it to you for approval.

“We have made the site very user-friendly for advertisers who want to present a quality product, but don’t have the time or the budget to hire a videographer to shoot an ad. The move away from banner ads to video is happening rapidly and we wanted to make a video product that would be available at a price point that is affordable for everyone”, said Chris Burnett, vADz, Inc. Marketing Director.

Video ads developed on can be used on social media pages like Twitter and Facebook, in e-mails and newsletters and in Internet advertising campaigns.

For further information contact:

Chris Burnett

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