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August 11, 2010 @ 8:04 am

Win a Free Flip Video Camera!

Starting yesterday vADz started a promotional contest to see who can create the best vADz video ad. The contest will allow everyone two weeks to enter a video to be judged by the Home Office. Once all video’s have been submitted, we will pick the top five videos to be placed on the vADz facebook fan page to be judged by our fans.

Our fans will have two weeks to vote on which video they like the best, with an update on the standings being tweeted everyday via our vADz twitter account. At the end of the two weeks we will tally all the votes and announce the winner who will receive a Free Flip Video Camera, and have there vADz video ad showcased on the vADz homepage.

Now there is one more way to get your video to the vote on the vADz facebook fan page by winning the “At-Large Bid”. Now this will go to the person who referred the most people to the contest. When you submit your vADz video ad we have provided a section to enter in who referred you to the contest. So this way you are guarantee to get your vADz video ad one step closer to winning!

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