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January 26, 2011 @ 8:15 pm

Let’s Have Some FUN!

Last week we took a few days and created a video that was a spoof of the “old spice commercials” called the “vADz Bunny Commercial” to have some fun using video.   (If you haven’t seen the video please check it out – vADz Bunny Commercial)  We (along with many others)  have been spending so much time telling people why they need video and how to use video for business, classifieds, resumes, etc. that we felt we needed to do something fun to get people actually interested in video again.

The first rule of video is to make it entertaining and we don’t think people should lose site of that when creating SMB videos, or any other video for that matter.  That is why over the next few weeks we will continue to make funny offbeat videos that serve no real purpose except to entertain you for a moment of your day.  Last week it was the vADz bunny acting like the “Old Spice” guy – this week it could be anything!

We would also like to get you into the act by suggesting different themes or types of funny movies you would like to see us create.  We are open to pretty much anything and would love to hear what you could think up.  Please comment on the post with any suggestions for new funny videos………also look out for the new one coming this week!

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January 11, 2011 @ 10:36 am

Video and the New Year.

There was a lot of buzz last year about video ( how people were using and viewing it), and this year is going to be no different!  Many experts believe that this will be the year of video…..more video incorporated into sites, advertising, social media, news, etc.  Everything will revolve around video, and many people are trying to catch up so that they won’t be left behind!

The biggest change I see this year is in video advertising and video promotion.  More and more companies have embarked on video campaigns and the incorporation of video in social media.  And why not, more sites have moved into a video heavy platform where video is incorporated everywhere across the site.

Google has been working on a new video ad network, and so have many other smaller networks throughout the world.  More and more video advertising companies have cropped up, and even more is expected.  Even blogs focused on video have been gaining steam (

And it’s not just the sites pushing video….it’s the people!  YouTube became the second largest search engine last year because people are interested and captivated by video.   People are watching and creating videos more than ever before and they are only getting started!  This is partly due to the new technology (i phones, flips, cameras) that is now available to the general public that allows them to create videos cheaper.

With all the above elements it’s hard not to think that this will be the year for video.  The only question is are you going to join in on all the fun…..or get left behind?

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