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February 20, 2011 @ 9:54 am

More Fun with vADz.

Well we have done it again!  Last week we came out with our second video featuring the vADz bunny, but this time we have left it open to new possibilities!  We call it vADz Bunny hits the streets and this time the bunny is going places.  we have decided that creating these funny videos will show people that you can have fun with your videos…..even your video ads.  The more entertaining the video the more viewers will watch!

We are already in the process of creating more videos featuring our lovable bunny, but we still want your input on where the bunny should go, who he should meet, and what trouble he can get into!  Please comment below or on our Facebook to let us know where and what you think the bunny should be doing.

Next week we will continue the story on where the bunny ends up and something tells me that it might just be out of this world or in another time!  Please hurry and send us your thoughts so that we can incorporate them into the new video.  So stay tuned and make sure to follow the bunny…………

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February 4, 2011 @ 11:22 pm

vADz Education

Many people are diving into using video this year for their business websites, advertising, social media, resumes,  and much more.  Most of these people though are not aware of what they exactly need to do, how to do it,  when to do it, or really even why they should do it!  This posses a problem for businesses who truly need video and for video advertising sites like  This is why we have begun constructing an education center for that will be integrated into the site in the upcoming few months.  We will cover why you need video, how to use video, and how to create a good video ad.  We hope not only to prove why you need video, but also aim to educate you about video!

We will also be covering how to use the entire site along with “How To” videos and different tips on the best practices.  We have already created a few videos and wanted to share one of them -  VadzVideo . This video will show you how to get an account and how to create a vADz video ad!  There will be many more videos,  guides, and tips to come.

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