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April 24, 2012 @ 12:43 pm

What the new “Google Adwords for Video” Means for You !

Google has just announced that they are finally opening up their new Google Adwords for Video on YouTube to everybody on Monday (4/23) !  This is great news for vADz and for the small advertiser.


After many months of testing with a select group of small and medium sized businesses they felt it was time to open this up to all businesses allowing for the first time -small businesses the chance to have their video ads be viewed by a “super bowl like audience”.  This is great news for all small and medium sized businesses who have already gotten  into video and have either video ads, or social videos created.  But what about the rest who either don’t have any videos yet, or don’t have videos ready for actual advertising?  That is where I believe vADz.com fits in perfectly!


Many people have YouTube accounts with different video clips, but most will feel a bit hesitant to present those as actual video ads to be displayed  to millions of viewers.  Yes, you might ask isn’t that the point of their YouTube channel, yes it is, but most of these small companies don’t have millions of viewers and know that their individual base is smaller.  So when they want to put out a video ad that represents their company…they are going to want something that is just a little bit more fine tuned and geared towards branding and advertising.  They are going to want something with a marketing message in it, they are going to want to add photos, video, music, etc…..voila vADz!


vADz will allow you to create your personal video ad using our vADz video editor.  You can mix together images, video, voice overs (which you can create right in our video editor), music, transitions, and text.  Then our compiler will make it into one video file that can be then uploaded right to your YouTube account (which is where you pull your video ads for the new video adwords).  This will allow you to be able to have your standard YouTube videos within your channel while also allowing you to create a more professional grade video that you would like to use in video advertising all at a low cost.


So now instead of hiring someone and paying out thousands of dollars to create a professional video and then buying 10 of thousands of dollars in advertising blocks….you can create a professional video for $20($50 if you want us to assemble it for you)  and then set a daily limit as low as $25 a day to advertise your company using video.   This is a huge win for small and medium sized businesses and with vADz you can turn it into a great branding / lead generator opportunity.

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January 11, 2011 @ 10:36 am

Video and the New Year.

There was a lot of buzz last year about video ( how people were using and viewing it), and this year is going to be no different!  Many experts believe that this will be the year of video…..more video incorporated into sites, advertising, social media, news, etc.  Everything will revolve around video, and many people are trying to catch up so that they won’t be left behind!

The biggest change I see this year is in video advertising and video promotion.  More and more companies have embarked on video campaigns and the incorporation of video in social media.  And why not, more sites have moved into a video heavy platform where video is incorporated everywhere across the site.

Google has been working on a new video ad network, and so have many other smaller networks throughout the world.  More and more video advertising companies have cropped up, and even more is expected.  Even blogs focused on video have been gaining steam (RealSEO.com).

And it’s not just the sites pushing video….it’s the people!  YouTube became the second largest search engine last year because people are interested and captivated by video.   People are watching and creating videos more than ever before and they are only getting started!  This is partly due to the new technology (i phones, flips, cameras) that is now available to the general public that allows them to create videos cheaper.

With all the above elements it’s hard not to think that this will be the year for video.  The only question is are you going to join in on all the fun…..or get left behind?

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December 15, 2010 @ 5:22 am

How to Make a Great Video!

Many people out there think that it is very hard to create a great video on your own, but as long as you follow certain steps / practices you can do it with ease.  You will be able to find thousands of different tips online, but the below tips are the few that work in every situation, and are very much needed to create a great video!

Tip 1 – Make a Plan

This is a very basic and fundamental step when doing almost any project or activity in life, but a step that is missed a lot of the time.  Before you take any photos, record any video, or even pick out the music track you will need to layout a plan for your video.   You will want to decide how long the video is going to be, who the target audience is for the video, and what is the message you would like to deliver.  After this, then you can decide where you want to shot the video, what type of photos do you need, and what the music track should be!  The video becomes very easy to shoot and put together once you have a proper plan.

Tip 2 – Equipment

Now a lot of people think that you need very expensive and high tech equipment to shoot a video, but this is simply not true.  You will need some sort of camcorder (flip, phone, camera, camcorder, etc) and even maybe some sort of camera (doesn’t need to be top-of-the-line) to be able to shoot the video and pictures needed.  Now even though you don’t need “high tech” equipment you will need to be familiar with the equipment you are using so that you can create the best possible quality.  Even if you have the best of the best, if you don’t know how to use it you will get a bad product!

Tip 3 – Lighting / Sound

Lighting can make all the difference in the world when taking photos, and shooting video!  If you have bad lighting your video or photos may turn out bad, and then the tone is set for your final product.   Now you will not need expensive lighting equipment, but you will need to make sure that the lighting is consistent and decent!  Another element that can ruin a video if not done right is sound.  If you have weird unwanted sounds in the background of your video it will distract viewers and cause them to deem the video amateur.  You will need to make sure to either have software to filter out these sounds, or use your planing to avoid such sounds.

Tip 4 – Practice

Now that you have everything down for your video (plan, equipment, lighting, sound) then the only thing left is to practice!  There is an old saying “that practice makes perfect” and it is true for almost everything in life.  The more you practice at something the better you will become, and even learn shortcuts or your own tricks!

Now there are many other tips out there that could help, but if you have these down then you are off to a great start!  We will continue to give out tips, and hints in the upcoming year – so lookout for them!

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December 9, 2010 @ 12:14 pm

Why do you need video?

There are many business today that are having a hard time incorporating video into their marketing and advertising plans. They either don’t have the time, money, or “good” reason to incorporate video. Today I would like the solve at least one of these “road blocks” by answering the “good” reason portion.

Yes, everyone is aware that video is the future and that a lot people are starting to incorporate it – but why? Well there has been a lot of research and studies done that will show many facts about why video helps increase awareness, engagement, and profits! Now some might not really care about words such as “engagement” or “awareness”, but everyone cares about the word profit.

Today we live in a world that revolves around video. We watch video on our televisions (most have multiple in their house), computers, and even mobile devices. Almost every great book has either been made into a movie, or is in the process. Almost everyone has a list of their favorite TV shows, movies, You-tube channels, and even commercials. Not to mention when we are not watching TV on those outlets we are playing games (another type of video)! We are

drawn in by video!

Now some still may be wondering – Why would this work for my business just because it works for entertainment. My business is meant to be educational and informational! – well the answer is simple. People are now used to video and more open to it. If you find video fun and entertaining then you will be more likely to view a video that comes up on a business site, than read a bunch of text. Video can create an excitement about your business that words will simply fail at. The more entertaining and exciting, the more likely it is for a customer to buy your product or service!

Video is the future, and will grab more viewers and sales than just text or images. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then what is a video worth?

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December 1, 2010 @ 3:43 pm

Is a Video Resume Right for You?

After an interviewer identifies those candidates that meet all the skill set and experience requirements, how do they decide which candidates to interview?

The interviewer has to make decisions about everything that cannot be said in a resume! Its the critical personal elements that make the difference in finding the right candidate, such as soft skills, fit within the culture, etc. Personality, confidence, demeanor, loyalty, career satisfaction and productivity are difficult characteristics to infer from written word.

Hiring managers review hundreds of resumes before creating their interview list. With about seven qualified candidates for each open role, you need to find a way to communicate your soft skills. To be competitive in today’s tough job market, your personal, soft skills most also be communicated.

One tool gaining popularity is a video resume. A video resume gives you the opportunity to convey soft skills like communication style, passion, ideas, demeanor, and personality. It is a multimedia tool that goes beyond the written word. It should not just repeat your resume word-for-word. It should be everything the interviewer cannot read. Therefore, to set yourself apart from other candidates you must tell the story of your achievements, personality and confidence. You need to showcase why you are the best candidate for the role, don’t let the interviewer infer it from your resume.

Remember, words account for approximately 6% of a complete communication. Words are not enough!
Try combining the traditional career resume with video and tell your story? Its time to land your dream job.!

Try it for Free at www.vadz.com

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November 27, 2010 @ 4:42 pm

Tips for creating your Video

1. Know your content and your audience. Share your expertise so there is a reason to watch the entire video.
2. You can be the star of your video. However, images and powerpoint slides can also be stars. If you are not comfortable being in your video, try using images of your store, customers enjoying the experience in your location or powerpoint slides from your latest sales pitch to create your video.
3. Add a call to action. Make sure your customers know what to do after the video ends. How do they contact you to set up an appointment? Can they buy your product from your website?
4. Be brief. 30 seconds videos are very effective
Get started with video today at www.vadz.com using the Free Trial.

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November 26, 2010 @ 4:02 pm

Confused about Search Engine Optimization?

Google and Bing are the drivers of SEO. Its important to learn how to use their tools to help you through the process of optimizing search engine keywords. By using their tools, your video can show up at the top of the search page.


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November 21, 2010 @ 11:31 am

12 Reasons to Use Social Media for your Business

Social media is fast becoming an essential part part the marketing mix for brands. Companies are increasingly using social tools to monitor conversations about their products, competitors, and industry, and engaging with their customers to build strong relationships. According Forrester Research’s most recent Interactive Marketing Forecast, social media marketing will grow at an annual rate of 34% -– faster than any other form of online marketing and double the average growth rate of 17% for all online mediums.  And new research from Access Markets International Partners shows that almost 70% of small and medium businesses actively use social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to promote themselves.   Are you taking advantage of this approach to drive sales?

Read the entire article:

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August 11, 2010 @ 8:04 am

Win a Free Flip Video Camera!

Starting yesterday vADz started a promotional contest to see who can create the best vADz video ad. The contest will allow everyone two weeks to enter a video to be judged by the Home Office. Once all video’s have been submitted, we will pick the top five videos to be placed on the vADz facebook fan page to be judged by our fans.

Our fans will have two weeks to vote on which video they like the best, with an update on the standings being tweeted everyday via our vADz twitter account. At the end of the two weeks we will tally all the votes and announce the winner who will receive a Free Flip Video Camera, and have there vADz video ad showcased on the vADz homepage.

Now there is one more way to get your video to the vote on the vADz facebook fan page by winning the “At-Large Bid”. Now this will go to the person who referred the most people to the contest. When you submit your vADz video ad we have provided a section to enter in who referred you to the contest. So this way you are guarantee to get your vADz video ad one step closer to winning!

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July 14, 2010 @ 9:34 pm

vADz™ and the new art of selling

Internet advertising has not yet met its true potential. Passive text and display ads in use by SMB Merchants and individual advertisers in Classifieds, Coupons, YellowPages and Auctions are outmoded and often ineffective. Video increases interaction 2X to 3X.

Now come vADz — easy-to-create, easy-to-upload Transactional VideoAds that are economical and compelling. The leading companies in almost every web vertical are adopting vADz transactional, searchable, Mobile, portable and trackable ads so that their SMB customers can be far more effective.

More than passive descriptions of products and services with standard text or display ads, vADz actively demonstrates them, creates a “lean-forward” interaction and/or Coupon incentive with potential customers and can even “close the deal” with the customer using vADz fully integrated e-commerce capability, powered by PayPal.

Using vADz allows each advertiser to mix his or her own photos with vendor-provided stills, video, animation, logos….and then to add trackable Coupons, maps, music, menus, reservation links, disclosure statements, text, crawl messages and more.

vADz unique and patent pending tools enable small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), merchants, restaurateurs, Realtors, service providers, couponers and classified advertisers to create, edit, enhance, store, place and track their user-generated ads as they are displayed on customers’ Mobile and PC screens.

vADz are searchable; we also publish each VideoAd to the web with appropriate Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tags and generate a special vADzLink, a shortened URL connected to every VideoAd.

vADz are portable; every advertiser can also use vADz to market directly to customers by attaching his vADzLink to Craigslist and other Free Classified sites, and to all his or her texts, tweets, e-mails, Facebook page and to his own website, to magnify the Direct Marketing impact.

vADz are Transactional; or those sellers which want
e-commerce capability to close the sale, vADz offers a complete integrated, “buy-it-now” e-commerce capability powered by PayPal to facilitate the highly trusted, seamless execution of financial transactions among customers and advertisers, using all major credit and debit cards as well as via their PayPal accounts.

There are 3 Levels of vADz service, beginning at $10 for Basic vADz; the Gold Level with expanded features is $19.95 and the ad created for this low fee may be used multiple times – on such sites as CraigsList, eBay, traditional classified advertising, Yellow Pages, legacy print and broadcast media, Oodle, Cars.com and many others.

For those who need additional help, we have formed University Design Associates (UDA) to provide personal assistance to vADz Advertisers for a small charge. The link is: http://www.vadz.tv/referrer/id/3

When vADz advertisers choose to also purchase targeted ad space on local sites and Facebook, vADz will execute those purchases at the best available commercial rates and place the video ad. vADz also monitors the time and place of each customer’s viewing of the video ad showing all coupons and other data downloads from the ad, providing the advertiser with a real-time dashboard to measure his results.

Please see our consumer site www.vADz.com and our corporate site www.vADz.biz.

A picture is worth 1000 words; vADz results are priceless !
Addenda/Proof of concept
–Forrester® reports that “Videos are 53 times more likely than text pages to appear on the first page of search results.”
–Ogilvy Consulting adds, “Video is a great way to increase interaction; adding video to e-mail marketing increases customers’ interaction by 200% to 300%.”
– “Transactional ads” will grow very rapidly. See http://tcrn.ch/bOTAZy.

Roger Ach
Managing Member
Chicago West Pullman LLC www.CWPLLC.com
vADz Incorporated www.vADz.com
OurTown Inc. www.OurTown.com


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