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May 29, 2012 @ 5:54 pm

Video and Social Media !

Video and Social Media……two terms that are HUGE right now, and also two things that we think go hand and hand.  There is no doubt that we are in a Social Media Era with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, FourSquare, Pinterest, YouTube, Tumblr, and so on!  But we are also in a Video Era with YouTube becoming the second biggest search engine and with all the new video apps (Viddy, SocialCam, Tout, Klip, etc.) that are dominating the app world.  So it only makes sense that one of the best uses for video is to showcase it across your social media accounts!

Even most of the video apps out there are social in their own right with their own communities that tie into different (already established) social media networks.  Plus (almost) every social media network out there has a way to upload and display videos on your accounts / pages.  This makes it very easy for you to create a video and allow it to have a huge impact on all of your audiences !

Plus with you using social media to showcase and distribute your videos you can have a wide range of topics and types of videos you create.  You don’t have to stick with only educational and corporate videos that most brand managers would want.  You can create web series, funny videos, and even conduct contests through videos using your social media accounts.  Social media also gives you a great way to showcase sample videos and client videos to the world that can do more for a brand than any educational video !

Social also allows you to create more “on the fly” videos where they don’t have to be these $30,000 dollar videos produced by major companies, but low cost videos that have a huge impact.  It allows for all types of businesses to get into the act, which then produces more content and makes all the social media users (consumers) happy!

In conclusion – Video / Social Media are two very different tools, but two tools that very much belong together to bring users a great (impact) experience that can go a long way for any business….small or large!


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April 5, 2012 @ 2:41 pm

How to Get the Most Out of Video Marketing

This post was originally posted to American Express Open Forum by the vADz COO Carol Meinhardt

Business, especially small business, is all about people and how they relate to one another. So why not present the personal side of your business to your customers through video?

In an earlier OPEN Forum article, Why Your Small Business Needs Video Marketing, I outlined several tips on getting started. Here, I want to talk about a way to enhance your videos with features and techniques called SmartVideo.

What is a SmartVideo?

A SmartVideo is one that leads your customer to take an action that will result in a sale for your business. Like all business videos, you’ll want to include relevant facts about your product or service, a product demo, a personal message from the founder, customer testimonials and whatever else might is relevant. What differentiates a “SmartVideo” from any other video is that you give your customer the ability make a decision and execute the sale immediately, rather than sending them to a store, website or showroom to close the deal. How? By incorporating any or all of the following “smart” features:

  • Coupon: With SmartVideo, you can attach a coupon to your video which users can download right upon viewing.
  • Downloadable attachments: This could be a menu, fact sheet, founder bio, press coverage or any other piece of information that can help close the sale or drive traffic to your business.
  • Map: Viewers of your video can click on a map to find out your exact location.
  • Buy Now: SmartVideos may also contain an ability to let users buy your product straight from the video.
  • Tracking: Some video hosting companies will be able to set up online ad placements for you and track the viewership to your videos.

Here is an example of a SmartVideo of a cooking demonstration for a restaurant client created with our editing software, vADz, containing a coupon, chef bio and map. As discussed in my last post, you can use a simple software or online video service to create your video. Video editors vary on ease of use and options offered, but are generally much less expensive than if you were to hire your own production team.

Preparing your SmartVideo

Before you select a video editor or distribution platform, consider the following:

  • Determine what content you’ll want to show. Grab your digital camera and take some pictures and short videos of your business or your products. You can also use videos and pictures supplied by vendors and manufacturers you represent.
  • Decide on the message you would like to send to your customer. Think about the best and unique features that make your product, service, food and/or activity very special. Tell that story! Are you introducing a new product or service? Do you have a “special offer” you are promoting? Maybe you want to sell yourself. SmartVideo can be used to make a terrific video resume.
  • Extra tip: Download your pictures, videos, text and any music files to which you own the rights to your Desktop or folder on your computer.

Now you are ready to register with your video-editing provider and upload your pictures and videos per their instructions. Drag and drop your content to create the order and flow of your video and try out some techniques for dissolving images into one another and inserting and formatting text. Most video editing software will allow you to preview your video and make changes, so don’t be afraid to try different things out.

You made a SmartVideo, now what?

Once you have your content and call to action packed into an engaging video, distribute it “smartly” by letting as many people see it as possible. E-mail it, blog it, advertise it, display it everywhere you can—Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, your website, etc. Additionally, make sure it is optimized for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

If people are searching for a business of your type, they might be searching on YouTube. You can easily create a YouTube channel for your business where you can upload all of your videos. Then, be sure to include a link to your YouTube channel on your website so that your patrons can have a one-stop place to see all of your video messages.

Social media has become increasingly important to business and video is key to social sharing—make it work for you. The more people who not only see your video, but can interact with you directly as a result, the more potential customers you will have. So get busy!

Have you created a SmartVideo? 

OPEN Cardmember Carol Meinhardt is co-Managing Member of Chicago West Pullman, an investment holding company and the COO of vADz, Inc, a social video advertising platform, and OurTown Media, a hyper-local news network.

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November 11, 2011 @ 3:47 pm

What can vADz do for you !

If you are a small business you might be thinking to yourself, how can I get the word out about my place or product?  How can I easily show them what I have to offer?  How could I sell my product online or give a discount to it?  How can I get picked up easier by Google and other search engines?  How can I product good content that I can put on a site or my social media pages?  Well the answer to all of these questions is online video!

Online video can now do more than any person could have ever dreamed!  All video provides better SEO than any text or photos, which helps your brand get ranked higher in all search engines.  Video has been proven to be more engaging as content than any other form on the web.  Video is the best way to show the masses what your company has to offer and to only that but to show in great detail as well!  Video is also be proven to be more viral than any other type of media on the web, so it’s one of the best ways to get the word out about your business or product.  Video is able to help and many ways, and one thing we know here at is helpful videos!

vADz will take your videos to the next level!  Not only do we allow our users to edit together photos, videos, text, transitions, music, and voice overs, but we allow them to attach coupons, eCommerce options (complete with store), files, and maps!  Then to top it off we provide you with a custom short-link,  video analytic s, embed code, and the ability to place your video anywhere and to have it play on any computer or device (due to our HTML5 capabilities).

Businesses need to dive into video and vADz is a low cost easy way to start to get your professional welcome video, video ad, video update, instructional video, and more!

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July 19, 2011 @ 2:16 pm

vADz Update !

We have just launched our new version of vADz over the past two weeks and wanted to give an over view of the changes and added features that will enhance your video ad even further!  We have added many features that we felt  would benefit our customers greatly without raising the cost to them at all!  We are still in the process of updating the site and are working on our latest new feature which will be the ability to send out newsletters with video!  Please enjoy…..

1)  We have added 5 new transitions to our video editor.  This will allow for even more professional effects when mixing together you video ad.

2)  We have added a voice over section to allow our users to add music and a voice over to there video.  We also added volume controls to each section so our users can control how the voice over flows with the music.

3)  We have added our compiler which allows us to compile your video once completed into a true video file which can be uploaded anywhere (including YouTube).

4)  Our top 2 packages (Gold & Premium) are now set to have unlimited views for the video created.

5)  We have changed the video player to enhance the viewing quality.  It will also show as a larger video now.

6)  We have added the option of selecting a “Before & After” image to be placeholders on the page while the video is not playing.  Thus enhancing the branding for our customers.

7)  We have changed some of the navigation on the site to create an easier flow when creating your vADz video.

We are still working on our newsletter project and changing vADz to a Freemium model where we will offer a Free package along with our Gold and Premium.  We are always looking for new ways to enhance our product and offer so please try vADz out for free today and let us know what you would like to see added or changed!

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July 14, 2011 @ 7:45 pm

Video Coupons!

Last week our CEO (Roger Ach) was interviewed and asked about online video, video advertising, and video couponing by Ivana Taylor.  This week the article came out which you can read below that outlines couponing and which is the best – deal of the day or video couponing.  It is a great piece that not only talks about video couponing, but gives insight to couponing and what small businesses should look into before deciding what to do!  Please take a look at the article and let us know what you think.

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February 4, 2011 @ 11:22 pm

vADz Education

Many people are diving into using video this year for their business websites, advertising, social media, resumes,  and much more.  Most of these people though are not aware of what they exactly need to do, how to do it,  when to do it, or really even why they should do it!  This posses a problem for businesses who truly need video and for video advertising sites like  This is why we have begun constructing an education center for that will be integrated into the site in the upcoming few months.  We will cover why you need video, how to use video, and how to create a good video ad.  We hope not only to prove why you need video, but also aim to educate you about video!

We will also be covering how to use the entire site along with “How To” videos and different tips on the best practices.  We have already created a few videos and wanted to share one of them -  VadzVideo . This video will show you how to get an account and how to create a vADz video ad!  There will be many more videos,  guides, and tips to come.

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