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Here is an excerpt from an article the Video SEO guru from Animoto wrote. I thought you may find it useful.

Today, with the internet attracting a diverse audience ranging from the tech-savvy professional to the stay-at-home mom an increasing number of online marketers are turning towards video as the means to deliver their message.
There is just one fundamental problem – if we are relying more and more on video to showcase our connect and to sell our product then it needs to be discoverable. Unfortunately search engines tend to handle video content poorly – they cannot ‘watch’ it and extract keywords in the same way they scan a web page, so as internet marketers we must learn a new set of SEO techniques specifically geared towards video and rich media.
Lets review some techniques to help video work for you whilst still enabling good SEO.
Getting Your House in Order
The foundation of traditional SEO is your markup – your content needs to exist in your HTML pages as text which can be read by a search engine, crafted by a copy-writer for optimal keyword density. On top of that, semantic markup should describe the importance and structure of your content. A H2 tag at the top of the page obviously carries much more weight than a P tag towards the bottom of your page. Similarly, the UL, DL and OL tags should be used to group similar items together.
With video, similar principles apply, and there are several techniques you can use to make your content visible to search engines and other websites which may be interested in your content.
Facebook Metadata
Facebook has led the way with their sharing mechanism. Whenever you post a page on your Facebook feed, or you click one of those “Share on Facebook” buttons, their spider visits your page looking for content to share.
If you have video content on your page then you can add tags to your page which allows the content to be discovered. These are standard META tags which exist within the HEAD element of your page. For a complete reference of these tags, go here: Facebook’s developer wiki.
In addition to Facebook, this convention has been adopted by other social networks and content aggregators such as MySpace, along with search engines like Google.

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