April 24, 2012 @ 12:43 pm

What the new “Google Adwords for Video” Means for You !

Google has just announced that they are finally opening up their new Google Adwords for Video on YouTube to everybody on Monday (4/23) !  This is great news for vADz and for the small advertiser.


After many months of testing with a select group of small and medium sized businesses they felt it was time to open this up to all businesses allowing for the first time -small businesses the chance to have their video ads be viewed by a “super bowl like audience”.  This is great news for all small and medium sized businesses who have already gotten  into video and have either video ads, or social videos created.  But what about the rest who either don’t have any videos yet, or don’t have videos ready for actual advertising?  That is where I believe vADz.com fits in perfectly!


Many people have YouTube accounts with different video clips, but most will feel a bit hesitant to present those as actual video ads to be displayed  to millions of viewers.  Yes, you might ask isn’t that the point of their YouTube channel, yes it is, but most of these small companies don’t have millions of viewers and know that their individual base is smaller.  So when they want to put out a video ad that represents their company…they are going to want something that is just a little bit more fine tuned and geared towards branding and advertising.  They are going to want something with a marketing message in it, they are going to want to add photos, video, music, etc…..voila vADz!


vADz will allow you to create your personal video ad using our vADz video editor.  You can mix together images, video, voice overs (which you can create right in our video editor), music, transitions, and text.  Then our compiler will make it into one video file that can be then uploaded right to your YouTube account (which is where you pull your video ads for the new video adwords).  This will allow you to be able to have your standard YouTube videos within your channel while also allowing you to create a more professional grade video that you would like to use in video advertising all at a low cost.


So now instead of hiring someone and paying out thousands of dollars to create a professional video and then buying 10 of thousands of dollars in advertising blocks….you can create a professional video for $20($50 if you want us to assemble it for you)  and then set a daily limit as low as $25 a day to advertise your company using video.   This is a huge win for small and medium sized businesses and with vADz you can turn it into a great branding / lead generator opportunity.

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March 5, 2012 @ 4:12 pm

New Features and Changes Coming to vADz.com !

Over the past year we have worked very hard to keep up with the latest video trends and news so that we can keep improving vADz.com.  We have also been taking into account valuable feedback and new video information from our partners to better shape the site and how it is used.  Now all of the hard work is finally paying off and we are about to introduce some huge new changes:

Freemium Model

We are changing the pricing scale on the site to now include a Free package that lets you create custom made videos along with adding marketing options.  We will still have our Gold (19.00) and Premium (49.00) packages, but hope to promote the Free package so that our viewers can try out the system without any payment worries.

New Voice Recorder

We will now have a “voice over” feature build right onto the editor so that our users can record voice overs right when they are editing together a custom video.  It is very easy to use and the audio clip will automatically save within the media files so that you can add it to the video.  The whole process should only take a minute !

New Extended Timeline

The video editor timeline (length of the editor and video) will be extended to 3 minutes instead of the old 1 minute timeline.  This will allow for longer videos so that our users can now record not only video ads, but welcome videos and social media videos.

New Newsletter Video Option

We will also be introducing a new marketing option to go along with the created videos allowing you to add a Constant Contact Newsletter campaign right from our site and embedding your newly created video right into the Newsletter !  Our partners at Constant Contact have helped a lot in getting this new option created and we are very excited about it !

New Flow and Design

We will also be introducing a completely new design and modified flow that we believe will help our users tremendously.  The new flow will be more user friendly and easier to follow, while the new design updates the site more and gives a cleaner / sleeker look.


Please keep a look out for these changes and updates over the course of this month.  We are very excited and welcome all feedback.

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February 4, 2011 @ 11:22 pm

vADz Education

Many people are diving into using video this year for their business websites, advertising, social media, resumes,  and much more.  Most of these people though are not aware of what they exactly need to do, how to do it,  when to do it, or really even why they should do it!  This posses a problem for businesses who truly need video and for video advertising sites like vADz.com.  This is why we have begun constructing an education center for vADz.com that will be integrated into the site in the upcoming few months.  We will cover why you need video, how to use video, and how to create a good video ad.  We hope not only to prove why you need video, but also aim to educate you about video!

We will also be covering how to use the entire site along with “How To” videos and different tips on the best practices.  We have already created a few videos and wanted to share one of them -  VadzVideo . This video will show you how to get an account and how to create a vADz video ad!  There will be many more videos,  guides, and tips to come.

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December 15, 2010 @ 5:22 am

How to Make a Great Video!

Many people out there think that it is very hard to create a great video on your own, but as long as you follow certain steps / practices you can do it with ease.  You will be able to find thousands of different tips online, but the below tips are the few that work in every situation, and are very much needed to create a great video!

Tip 1 – Make a Plan

This is a very basic and fundamental step when doing almost any project or activity in life, but a step that is missed a lot of the time.  Before you take any photos, record any video, or even pick out the music track you will need to layout a plan for your video.   You will want to decide how long the video is going to be, who the target audience is for the video, and what is the message you would like to deliver.  After this, then you can decide where you want to shot the video, what type of photos do you need, and what the music track should be!  The video becomes very easy to shoot and put together once you have a proper plan.

Tip 2 – Equipment

Now a lot of people think that you need very expensive and high tech equipment to shoot a video, but this is simply not true.  You will need some sort of camcorder (flip, phone, camera, camcorder, etc) and even maybe some sort of camera (doesn’t need to be top-of-the-line) to be able to shoot the video and pictures needed.  Now even though you don’t need “high tech” equipment you will need to be familiar with the equipment you are using so that you can create the best possible quality.  Even if you have the best of the best, if you don’t know how to use it you will get a bad product!

Tip 3 – Lighting / Sound

Lighting can make all the difference in the world when taking photos, and shooting video!  If you have bad lighting your video or photos may turn out bad, and then the tone is set for your final product.   Now you will not need expensive lighting equipment, but you will need to make sure that the lighting is consistent and decent!  Another element that can ruin a video if not done right is sound.  If you have weird unwanted sounds in the background of your video it will distract viewers and cause them to deem the video amateur.  You will need to make sure to either have software to filter out these sounds, or use your planing to avoid such sounds.

Tip 4 – Practice

Now that you have everything down for your video (plan, equipment, lighting, sound) then the only thing left is to practice!  There is an old saying “that practice makes perfect” and it is true for almost everything in life.  The more you practice at something the better you will become, and even learn shortcuts or your own tricks!

Now there are many other tips out there that could help, but if you have these down then you are off to a great start!  We will continue to give out tips, and hints in the upcoming year – so lookout for them!

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